Automatically move Todoist-tasks that contain links to projects using Make

tags: automation,   tools,   todoist,   28 Oct 2023

With Make you can create tasks and workflows, that are executed automatically when a trigger event occurs. It is similar to Zapier. After using Zapier for various projects I wanted to experiment with Make as well. Their Free-subscription offers you with 1000 operations per month, which is great for this workflow (or “Scenario” as they call it).

The problem

I have a habit of coming across interesting articles or web pages online that I want to revisit later. Previously, I used to copy the URL, open my shortcut to create a task on Todoist, paste the URL, and move on. However, the URLs would pile up in Todoist and weren’t well-organized. I often ended up not opening them and couldn’t find them when I needed them later. For web pages with valuable content, I started using FleetingNotes, which helped to reduce the clutter in Todoist.

But I still had other types of URLs to deal with, such as tweets, LinkedIn posts, GitHub repositories, etc. These were usually small items that I wanted to look into later. To keep them organized and easily accessible among my other tasks, I was hoping to find a suitable system.

The solution