Jordi Wippert

Currently, my time and focus are devoted to The Selection Lab, where I am co-founder and CTO.

Prior to joining The Selection Lab, I enriched my professional journey at Blendle, a startup often hailed as the 'iTunes for journalism'. For a long time, I have been fascinated by startups, scaleups, and their communities. As a result, I have frequently participated in startup-weekends, conferences, and (developer) meetups.

Complementing this experience, I hold a master's degree in Computing Science from Utrecht University, culminating in a thesis titled "Change Impact Analysis for Rebel Specifications" completed at ING Bank.

My bachelor's degree was in Communication and Multimedia Design, with a strong emphasis on web development. It was during this time that I started a web design and development company, exploring my early passion for building things. High school was when I truly began to hone my skills, creating software that could recognize objects through webcams and developing programs for efficient inventory management.

Throughout my life, my passion for building and creating has been a constant. Whether it was constructing with Lego, tinkering with machines, assembling bikes, or working on various hardware projects, this hands-on approach has always been a part of me. Even in my early coding experiences, I found myself experimenting with Dreamweaver and delving into HTML and CSS through books, further nurturing my desire to bring ideas to life through technology.

If you'd like to learn more about my experiences or get in touch, feel free to follow me or send an email to

Aug '20

 Start The Selection Lab as co-founder

Sep '19

 Start (MSc thesis) internship at ING Bank

Jun '18

 Most Potential Business Award, startup idea 'Streamium'

Sep '17

 Start MSc Computing Science, Utrecht University

Aug '15

 Start at Blendle as developer

Feb '15

 Start at Blendle (internship)

Nov '14

 2nd place Startup Weekend Groningen - Omapost

May '14

 Start company for web-design and development

Sep '13

 Finalist of 'De Oplossing Van', by Interpolis

Sep '12

 Start BSc Communication and Multimedia Design