Simple GitHub Pages Jekyll website Theme

tags: jekyll ,   ruby ,   github ,   obsidian ,   04 Apr 2023

A simple Jekyll website theme, optimised for GitHub pages, the Obsidian Publish alternative.

To create posts, I’ve set up an Obsidian vault around the website code. Doing so, each markdown file, results directly in a post-page on the website. Following the steps as described below or in the repository, this setup provides an alternative for Obsidian Publish.

Github Pages setup

Go to 'settings' > 'page' in your github-pages-repository.

1.  Select source: 'Deploy from a branch'
2.  Select branch: 'gh-pages' (create if non-existent)
3.  Select '/docs' as folder
4.  You can now run 'script/deploy'

GitHub repository
RubyGems listing