Jordi Wippert

I like to build things. From the ground up, rebuilds, and improvements as long as I can remember. I love to work on ideas, designs, software and companies, but I certainly don't mind building Lego, machines, bikes, or other hardware.

After playing around with Dreamweaver and a HTML/CCS book as a kid, I started to build more and more during high school. I made software that could recognise objects via a webcam, a program that indexed every part stored in a paternoster cupboard, and later on started a company in web design and development. Doing a bachelor's in Communication and Multimedia Design, mainly focused on web development, fitted the direction perfectly.

At the end of CMD, I joined Blendle for a five-month internship, and more than two years of full-time work followed. I graduated doing (another) internship, writing a thesis with the title: “De kiosk die ik altijd al wilde".

After going straight from my bachelors into a fulltime job, I decided that I wanted to extend my in-depth knowledge and started a master's in Computing Science at Utrecht University while continuing part-time at Blendle. I obtained my master’s degree after a graduation project at ING Bank, with the thesis titled "Change Impact Analysis for Rebel Specifications".

My current time and focus are at The Selection Lab, of which I am co-founder and CTO.

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Aug '20

 Start The Selection Lab as co-founder

Sep '19

 Start (MSc thesis) internship at ING Bank

Jun '18

 Most Potential Business Award, startup idea 'Streamium'

Sep '17

 Start (pre) master Computing Science, Utrecht University

Aug '15

 Start at Blendle as developer

Feb '15

 Start at Blendle (internship)

Nov '14

 2nd place Startup Weekend Groningen - Omapost

May '14

 Start company for web-design and development

Sep '13

 Finalist of 'De Oplossing Van', by Interpolis

Sep '12

 Start BSc Communication and Multimedia Design